Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How I can register?
A. Click on this link to register Register.
- Enter valid Email address.
- Enter your password/confirm password.
- Enter your CNIC Date of Issue.
- Enter captcha code in text field .
- Click Register button.

Q. Due to Power failure, I couldn't complete Registration process. What Should I do?
A. You can always login using your CNIC No and Password (entered while account creation), and complete registration.

Q. I have done O/A Levels, What should I do?
A. Get Equivalency certificate from IBCC.

Q. I don't have CNIC?
A. Enter your Form-B (Children Registration Certificate) number, Apply for your CNIC at NADRA on urgent basis.

Q. Where can i pay my deposit slip?
A. List fo BOK Branches can be find Click Here

Q. Who can apply ?
A. Only KP / NMTD Domicile holder can apply for Public Colleges of KP.

Q. How much is the fee ?
MBBS = 3000/- , BDS = 3000/-, MBBS Self = 3000/- , BDS Self = 3000/-

Q. My payment is not verified yet what i can do now?
A. Normally fee verfication is done within 72hrs time. If your payment is not verfied yet just lodge a complaint using this link link and keep your desposit slip in safe custody you have produce that at the time of interview

Q. Any Marks deduction from improvment of FSc Marks ?
A. No Marks are deducted.

Q. From where we get verification of domicile on the admission portal?
A. You can verify domicile certificate from the concerned DC office.

Q. Are Location Certificate and Non-Existence certificate mandatory in the admission form for MBBS/BDS?
A. Yes, its required from the FATA domicile holders only if they want to claim inner quota seats.

Q. What do mean by FATA/PATA inner quota seats?
A. Inner Quota seats are reserved seats for those who have got all their education from concerned FATA/PATA Agency educational institution.

Q. Can an applicant domiciled from other province than KPK apply for Overseas Pakistani Admission seats.
A. No, only KPK domiciled holders can apply.

Q. How applicants from other province Like Punjab apply for reciprocal seats if any?
A. For reciprocal seat admission you must apply through UHS or concerned provincial admitting University.

Q. I don't hold a foreign nationality, or a dual nationality can I apply for Foreign Self Finance Seats.
A. No, if you don’t hold foreign nationality you cannot apply for such seats.

Q. The IBCC is not issuing me equivalence certificate for any reason. Can you
accept my certificate/diploma as such for admission purposes?
A. No, we cannot accept your foreign qualifications as such without equivalence certificate issued by the IBCC. You must settle your issues with IBCC before you apply for admission.

Q. Can I use Form-B instead of CNIC for online admission.
A. Yes you can use.

Q. Shall I have to apply separately for admission to all colleges in KPK and reciprocal seats in Punjab?

A. There is a centralized system of admissions for all government medical/dental institutions of the KPK and reciprocal seats you have to submit single application form only to apply for all colleges.

Q. How I am supposed to give my preference for medical and dental institutions? Shall I have to submit separate forms for MBBS and BDS?
A. When filling out the application, every applicant has to rank the medical and dental colleges in order of preference, starting with his/her first choice. In other words, all eligible candidates are allowed to list up the full names/Abbreviation of medical and dental colleges in the order that they would like to be considered for admission.
• An applicant, under no circumstances, shall be considered for a college, he/she has not named in his/her order of preferences. The Admitting Authority shall not assign a college by itself if the alternate choices are not indicated.
• Once offered a place to the highest listed preference, an applicant cannot demand admission to a college named lower in his/her preferred list.
• There is no need to submit separate admission forms for MBBS(Open+Self program) and BDS (Open+Self program) programmes. A candidate can only submit one form. There is separate fee for every program selected.

Q. From where i can download admission policy for 2022?

A. Admission policy can be downloaded from the download section of this website.